Digital Fitness Fun with Allsorts!

We want to keep you fit, happy and healthy during the covid-19 period whilst we all stay safe at home. Social interaction is super important for your mental health and we love to see smiles on faces!

Allsorts is also fighting for survival because of the covid-19 crisis.

By accessing our digital health and fitness programme, you are looking after yourself and Allsorts!

There are lots of different ways we can help you to stay fit at home, via our Fitness Instructor Gemma and Sports Coordinator Max:


  • £30 – 1 hour bespoke Personal Training for one person or the whole family!


  • £15 – 30 minute bespoke Personal Training for one person or the whole family!


  • £15 – £30 – Boxing Master Class with Gemma Wilks! This one is great to do with a partner!


  • £5 – 20 minute video call with Gemma to discuss training ideas and how you can keep yourself fit and healthy during this period.


  • £5 – join in with our weekly Family Fitness Fun sessions from home on Tuesday evening, 5.20 – 6.10pm and Thursday evenings, 4.10 – 5.00pm.


  • £7.50 (recommended fee) – join Claudia for weekly Yoga Classes on Monday’s: 3.30pm for those who can stand and sit and lie, 4.15pm for those who can sit and lie.


Or, would you like support with any other forms of health and well-being? Please let us know and we will help in any way that we can!

For more information or to make a booking, please contact max on 07872562777 or email [email protected]