What We Do

Crafted with creativity and packed full of fun, the Allsorts team offers a huge amount of extra-curricular activities for young people. Tailored to suit different ages and abilities, there is plenty to choose from. From youth clubs to sports clubs, nature walks and ways to get creative, there’s also a huge range of play sessions too. We pride ourselves on the support we give to the wider family – whether that’s through advice surgeries, parent and carer or grandparents groups, or siblings hang-outs.

Visit our Activities and Bookings page to find and book an event.

“We feel listened to, valued, supported and we feel we genuinely cared as a family. The activities offered are sensitive to the needs of our child and he hugely benefits from them. thank you.”

One of our members

Our Toy Library

One of the jewels in our crown is our Toy Library, based at the Stroud Activity Hub. This is where families can borrow toys and specialist equipment, just like in a book library. Here members can get support from our team and other members, as well as take part in activities. As a pan-disability organisation, we welcome children and young people from 0-25 years old with any disability or additional need.

Families are invited to join Allsorts as members, giving them access to a wide range of new opportunities, people to meet and places to go. The Allsorts community is very welcoming and aims to be as inclusive as possible, taking into account family’s needs thoughts and aspirations.