How To Find Us

Our address:
Allsorts, Brunel Mall, London Road, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2BP

The Allsorts Activity Hub is situated on the Third Floor in the Brunel Mall in Stroud.

If you use what3words, you can enter pursuing.keepers.hires into the app.

Car parking and access

There is car parking in the adjacent London Road Multi-storey Car Park (GL5 2AJ).

If you are driving and can access stairs, head up to Level 4a to park and enter the Brunel Mall through the double doors in the centre of the car park.

If you are driving and require flat access, park on Level 3 and take the lift to Floor 3 of the Brunel Mall.

You can use coins in the machine or the MiPermit App to park (Apple app / Android app). It is free to park after 2pm.

Multi-storey height restrictions

There are height restrictions within the Multi-storey – if your vehicle is too high, there is open air parking too. You can still access the Brunel Mall via the pedestrian entrance at the base of the Multi-storey Car Park.

Pedestrian access

Pedestrians arriving from the town centre enter through the front of the Brunel Mall on London Road and can use stairs or lift to reach us on the Third Floor.

Please note the Farmers Market causes a temporary road closure for the section of London Road between Brunel Mall and the Train Station on Saturdays.