Allsorts charity supports families with a disabled child

Allsorts charity has been supporting families since 2009

About Allsorts

For more than ten years Allsorts has been providing support and a safe space for young people to have fun!

Back in 2009, Stroud’s Disability Toy Library and parents of children with additional needs in the Gloucestershire area brought their bright ideas together. This meeting of many minds and personal experiences saw the foundations of Allsorts flourish and continue to do so today. Our mission is simple: to give children with additional needs a place to enjoy, explore, build on their skills, make friends and provide the rest of their family with support.

Families who have children with additional needs are at the heart of the charity. They inspire with their positivity and ideas and we learn about their needs as a family unit. This open channel of communication is our driving force. Each and every family has a voice. This collective voice empowers other families and organisations for a better future for young people with additional needs.

“This fantastic charity provides invaluable support and resources to both children and their carers.”

The Allsorts Newsletter

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