Introducing Allsorts’ new trading arm: YuGo.

YuGo logo

This new and innovative enterprise will increase opportunities for people to exercise and lead healthier lives in Gloucestershire – and beyond!

Having learnt so much from our pioneering sports programme for young disabled people at Allsorts, we want to make sure that no-one misses out on the expertise and experience we have within the team. We want everyone to be able to have fun and get fit, regardless of their location, age or ability.

YuGo is also dedicated to raising funds for Allsorts via surplus profit.

Who are we?

We are exercise engagement pioneers! YuGo is a social impact company developed by a specialist team of coaches from Allsorts, experienced in delivering inclusive health and fitness programmes.

What problem does YuGo solve?

YuGo inspires and engages people of all abilities to enjoy regular exercise designed for them.

Who is YuGo’s ideal client?

YuGo’s ideal client is someone who wants have fun and enjoy exercise with intuitive and trustworthy coaches. They might have had a previous bad experience or struggle to find exercise which suits them. Either way the YuGo team’s approach makes sure no one is left behind.