Youth Activities and Short Breaks

Youth Clubs have been an integral part of the Allsorts community for the last decade. They’ve grown significantly over the years and since 2019 over 120 children and young adults have been coming along regularly to our clubs.

Our clubs are supported by skilled staff and are designed to be short breaks away from parents and carers. This allows for some respite for both the young person and their family. The clubs give children and young people the opportunity to experience and try new things in a known and welcome environment where they can build new friendships. Plus they can take part in a range of activities which helps to build confidence. The Allsorts youth clubs provide a safe space where young people can just be themselves and fit in easily with like-minded people.

Whilst Covid and funding has restricted what we can do and when, we firmly believe in the need for youth clubs and will continue to work towards a future where young people can access meaningful short breaks.

Contact us to find out more about our Young Adults Groups which are for disabled young adults aged between 16-25 years.