Allsorts Summer Appeal 2021

At Allsorts, our aim has always been to bring children with additional needs and their families together, reduce isolation and provide opportunities. This has not changed during the pandemic. We have been more determined than ever to keep families connected, listen to families and adapt to offer the best support we can.

One of the ways we bring families together is our family trips. We run a range of trips and activities that are accessible to every member of the family. We provide support staff and ensure that everyone can make the most of their day out. With Allsorts, families can travel together and go to places which could have been very challenging. There is also the opportunity to make friends with other families in similar situations. Spending quality time together is something that is really valued by any family, especially those with disabled children.

“Charlie’s access to the community is very limited due to his physical disabilities. School holidays can dauntingly stretch out before us and seem never ending. Allsorts understands how hard this is for families like ours. They provide a fantastic choice of day trips, allowing Charlie to make wonderful memories and friends with other children his age. As parents it’s lovely to know that the trips are so well thought out and inclusive, taking some of the usual stress away from days out. After a very tough 18 months during the pandemic, we are looking forward to making more priceless memories this summer with Allsorts.”

Pip Kortright, Allsorts Member (son, Charlie, pictured above)

As lockdown restrictions start to ease, we are looking forward to trips and activities which will bring families back together after such a long time apart.

In response we have launched our Summer Fundraising Appeal, to raise £5,000 to help fund these vital activities and highlight how much families need them to continue.

£300 would pay for 17 families to have a picnic and fun games day, supported by the Allsorts team

£210 would pay for 30 people to enjoy an exclusive pool party!

£100 would pay for 35 people to go bowling together

£40 would pay for 1 of our support workers to attend a family trip.

£15 would pay for a first aid kit for an event.


Thank you and best wishes for a wonderful summer!