Summer Appeal Update

We wrote to you in July to tell you about our Summer Appeal. Our goal was to reach £5000, re-connect with our local community, highlighting the fantastic work Allsorts does and encourage financial support.

The brilliant news is that, thanks to your generosity, we have reached the halfway point. Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated.

Although the past year has been very difficult for everyone, here at Allsorts we have been able to offer much-needed family trips during the summer holidays.

These trips have given families the opportunity to get back together and enjoy each other’s company, catching up and generally having fun after such an isolating year.

We’d love to be able to continue to offer these kinds of trips and we are now on the final push to reach the £5000 target by the end of the summer.

£40 would pay for 1 of our support workers to attend a family trip

£100 would pay for 35 members to go ten-pin bowling

£210 would pay for 30 people to enjoy an exclusive pool party!

£340 would pay for 27 families to have exclusive use of Cattle Country, supported by the Allsorts team

‘We find family holidays inaccessible for many reasons, so the programme of outings offered by Allsorts this summer has made a huge difference to us. It has given us events to look forward to, with the knowledge that we’ll be supported to enjoy the experience. It also offers a safe and understanding environment for Arthur to try new activities, but with familiar faces. Expanding his repertoire of ‘likes’ is always a challenge, but Allsorts have enabled us to do this by making each new experience a positive one. Thank you so much!’

Emma Whalley, Allsorts Member with Arthur and Dora (pictured)



If you would like to contact us about a possible fundraising event or providing corporate support then please contact Rachael Fletcher on 01453 750474 or email [email protected].