Rosie Bathurst taking on epic challenge for Allsorts

Rosie Bathurst with her horse

Cirencester resident, Rosie Bathurst, is about to take part in one of the greatest tests of horsemanship and wilderness skills in the world. She has also challenged herself to raise money for two Gloucestershire charities, Allsorts and WAM Youth.
The 500km ultra-endurance horse race takes place in Patagonia, Argentina from Thursday 3rd March, with riders from all over the world travelling there to compete. After a few days of training and acclimatisation, the race will begin and demand physical and mental endurance from each of the participants. Riders start with 10kg of equipment which includes their camping and cooking equipment as well as clothing, medical supplies, and food. They will be expected to be fully self-sufficient however, they are monitored and tracked by Race Crew via satellite trackers in case of emergency.

Rosie says: “Back in 2009, I read an article about an extreme horse race across Mongolia, which one competitor was quoted saying Don’t ever think about signing up for this race, its hell on Earth. So of course, I knew I needed to take part! Fast-forward to 2016 and I completed this race – the infamous Mongol Derby* and I’ve craved a new adventure ever since! Post-pandemic the opportunity to race in The Gaucho Derby presented itself, and I leapt at the chance for more adventure!

The work Allsorts does to help create a welcoming, safe space for those with a disability, where they can be themselves without fear of judgement and build confidence and friendships, is something I believe passionately about. WAM also has a fantastic Outdoor Programme helping to build confidence and resilience through positive outdoor activities with vulnerable and at-risk youths. My trip to Argentina will see me tested to my absolute limits in the wilderness, and these testing conditions will help me see how I can overcome many obstacles I face in my day-to-day life; something I think both charities really help to instil in young people every day.”

Rosie has chosen charities who offer activities and essential support for young people with additional needs. She feels passionate about supporting such charities following a personal journey she has been on over the last year.

Although Rosie wont be able to contact the outside world during the challenge, the event website and social media will show us her location and how shes getting on. Both Allsorts and WAM will be sharing any updates on their social media platforms. 
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Thank you Rosie for your support and good luck for your epic horserace!

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