Leap into 2024 and fundraise for Allsorts!

Leap into 2024 and Fundraise for Allsorts!

This year we get a whole extra day on 29th February. Why not Leap into 2024 and fundraise for Allsorts on that day!

Raise £29 and help support disabled children and their families!

Here are some Leap into 2024, fundraising ideas..

  • You could plan a dress down day at work
  • Or maybe a fancy dress day at school!
  • What about a one day cake sale?
  • You could ask your employer about raffling off an extra days’ annual leave and turn an extra day into a bonus days’ holiday for one lucky colleague!
  • How about enjoying a peaceful afternoon with a sponsored silence? At work, in the classroom or at home.
  • Pick your favourite sport; choose any activity and get people to pay an entry fee to take part. From 5-a-side football to tennis to a running club.
  • Take on a virtual challenge. In a location that suits you, why not walk from London to Paris (the equivalent of 360 miles) between your colleagues or classmates?
  • Enjoy a games night with friends and family and charge a small entry fee
  • Quizzes are a classic and a lot of fun; choose your location, decide on the theme and charge an entry fee.
  • You can download all 29 fundraising for Allsorts ideas here.

Here’s what you need

Take advantage of this extra time on Leap Day to create a positive impact. If you have any questions about how to fundraise for Allsorts, feel free to contact our friendly team at 01453 750374.

Thank you for supporting Allsorts! Happy 2024!