How do we nurture our amazing community from behind closed doors?

Whilst life is presenting huge challenges, we’re asking ourselves how best to support each other. Thank you to all of those who shared ideas, requests and resources with us. In response, we are developing the following:

Online Group Chat

Join our new “Allsorts Community” group chat on Facebook. It’s just for Allsorts parents and carers and is a way to keep that supportive community going when we can’t see each in person.
To join the group, just click HERE

Firming up friendships

If you’ve become friendly with other Allsorts parents or carers but never got around to swapping contact details, email Clarissa who can contact them on your behalf to offer your contact details. Talking with other people who “get it” has always been at the heart of what we do.

Talk with the team

The Allsorts team are still available at the end of the phone. We’re all working from home and would love to hear from you, even if it’s just to say hi! Call Clarissa Maidment, our Family Coordinator, on 07794 009663 and Max Pemberton, our Sports Coordinator, on 07872 562777. They can also connect you to other team members if you want to chat to them.

Useful Info

We’ll replace the weekly ebulletin with shorter emails to share useful information. Some members told us they are overwhelmed with the amount of online communication around, so this will be the occasional email with a selection of the links we’ve received, which you can ignore or explore depending on your time, energy levels and appetite for information.

Online activity and printable resources

We know that a lack of routine is going to be one of the toughest challenges for children and young people during this period. Whilst things are feeling surreal, let’s keep it real! We will be posting a variety of online activity videos at the same time as our regular clubs and activities for you and your children to get involved with. If you want to limit your time staring at a screen, or if you don’t have access to Facebook, we can send you printable resources that you can use within your home. Just email Max if you want to be emailed some resources.

Daily fitness challenge

Keeping our minds and bodies active during this period is essential for our health and wellbeing. Join Gemma every day for a daily fitness challenge that you can do from your front room or your garden! Give up 20 minutes of your day and feel way better for it. If you want more help or advice on how to keep fit during this period, you can contact Max ([email protected]) who is on hand to help you out.


All of our online activities, resources and daily fitness challenges are free to get involved with. However, if you wish to make a donation then please click HERE.

Stay safe and stay in touch.