Grandparents braving ‘Velocity’ zip wire

Grandparents ZipwireOn 18th October 2017, Allsorts members Clare Le Vay and Marge Cole will be taking on the ‘Velocity’ zip wire in Penrhyn Quarry, Wales to raise funds for Allsorts. It is the fastest zip line in the world and the longest in Europe and is not for the faint-hearted. The adventure will take them on the Little Zipper to build their confidence before they journey up the quarry. Once reaching the top, they will take in the stunning views out towards Anglesey and towards the Isle of Man. The descent will take them over the quarry lake often reaching speeds in excess of 100mph! You can read more about the zip wire here.

Clare and Marge are part of the lively Allsorts Grandparents Group, for grandparents of children with disabilities or additional needs. They meet once a month at different locations to share advice, tips and information while forming friendships.

They say: “We decided to do the zip wire because we wanted to show that Allsorts grandparents don’t sit around drinking tea all the time, but are fun, active and willing to give anything a go. We aren’t young, but we are young at heart and we hold Allsorts in our hearts because the charity has given us so much interest, support and  friendship over the years and we want to do our bit to say thank you.

 Every member of every family with a special needs or disabled child has a different story to tell. There’s no typical grandparent any more than there are typical children.  We chose the zip wire as it’s the longest one in Europe and we quite fancied the challenge. We didn’t want to do things by half measure!”

If you’d like to sponsor the flying duo, please follow the link below: