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Spread Christmas cheer and gift a toy to Allsorts

Every day can feel like Christmas at the Allsorts Toy Library! There is a treasure trove of toys and games for disabled children and young people to enjoy. Toys aren’t just about play, they can also improve physical, developmental, and cognitive skills in a fun and safe way. You can find sensory items such as lighting, tactile toys, and weighted blankets too. As well as toys, there is specialist equipment which can help ease some of life’s daily challenges for children with additional needs.

Specialist equipment and some toys can be expensive for families to purchase. Then, there is no guarantee that a child will enjoy or benefit from the things you’ve bought them! That’s where the Toy Library comes in. Families can borrow items on a short or long term loan, helping them decide whether to buy for themselves.
Your donation will help children across Gloucestershire find, borrow and love toys all year round.

“We are members of Allsorts for my eldest daughter, Bella, who has an acquired brain injury due to meningitis and possible Autism Spectrum Condition. Allsorts have been amazing at supporting her and my three other children, Perseus, Cassius, and Beatrix.

We used the Toy Library at first to find sensory items for my daughter to help with anxiety and sensory processing. There is such a great selection of toys to choose from, some which we couldn’t afford, but having them on loan is a great idea – plus they never get bored!

The Allsorts team are brilliant. They get us and our family dynamics and are sympathetic to the things we’re going through. They really do listen and offer great ideas too, which have been so valuable. No judgement, just support. Allsorts really feels like family!”

Gemma Ind

The Allsorts Toy Library is the only one of its kind in Gloucestershire and is very popular amongst families with disabled children. Items constantly need replacing and duplicating due to demand. By donating to the Toy Library, you will be helping families find, borrow and love toys for their children all year round.

£10 could buy a construction set
great for imaginative play

£20 could buy a remote-control tractor
improving dexterity and coordination

£40 could buy a threading activity with fruits and laces
to aid fine motor skills

£130 could buy a Sparkle Dome
a cause-and-effect interactive toy

Your gift could make a lasting difference to the Toy Library and all the families who use it.

You can also visit our Amazon Wishlist, choose a toy you’d like to purchase for Allsorts and place your order. Due to our variable office hours, we would appreciate any items purchased to be delivered to a personal address then a delivery/collection time arranged with us. Thank you.