Allsorts Indoor Play Sessions

Like most organisations, we’ve had to learn and adapt throughout the pandemic. Sadly the Toy Library can’t open in it’s original format, but we are running something a bit different…

Play sessions are open to up to 2 families with a maximum of 6 people. Young people can come and use our Toy Library and Playspace to play and let off steam. Families can choose toys in advance and the team will have things ready. There’s the option to take things home too! Parents can chat to each other or our staff in a clean and safe environment.

These have been extremely popular and have been so important for those who are vulnerable or find it difficult to access public spaces.

If you’re interested in booking on, please email [email protected] or call 01453 750474.

These sessions are free to Allsorts members. If you’d like to help make sure these sessions continue then you can donate by clicking here.