Our Voice to Live
Our Voice to Live
Our Voice to Live

Our Voice to Live

Young people with disabilities and additional needs too often have decisions made on their behalf.

Our Voice to Live is a forum which gives these young people the opportunity to meet each other, talk about how they want things to change and have their voice heard.

Working in partnership with colleges, organisations and local authorities we actively commit to lead real change, increase opportunity and create choice for young people.

It’s really important for young disabled people to have a voice because it’s our life, we have a right to say how we truly think and feel. We should be able to decide for ourselves what we want out of life.”

Lettie Tongue, 25, from Cheltenham.

  • “It was such a relief to take my son to fun activities and feel he could be accepted for who he was and get such a warm welcome and support.”

  • “I spend fun days cooking tasty treats and eating them, crazy art works I wouldn’t do at home. We go on exciting trips out but the bestest part is the staff who guarantee me lots of laughing!”

  • “Thank you so much for giving us the trampolining opportunity. My daughter hasn’t stopped talking about it all evening!”

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