Corporate Fundraising
Corporate Fundraising
Corporate Fundraising

Corporate Fundraising

Get your company involved
Whatever the size of your business you can make a real difference to the lives of disabled children and their families here in Gloucestershire.

There are many ways you can get involved, from choosing us as your Charity of the Year to having a collection box in your workplace. We’re all ears, no matter how whacky the idea, we’re here to support you in your efforts.

Make your commitment to disabled children here in Gloucestershire.
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Events & Challenges
Get a group of you together and tackle an event or challenge as a team. Doing things as a team can help to unite and motivate staff as well as increase positive communication and team-building. We can supply fundraising materials such as information leaflets, collection buckets and boxes, posters, t-shirts and balloons.

Make a Donation
If you want to support us, but you’re stuck for time and resources you can simply make a one-off or monthly donation. We’ll use your money wisely and will keep you updated on how it’s spent. Donate today >

Collection Boxes
Do you run a shop, pub, café or deal with the public? Pop one of our collection boxes by your till and you’ll be surprised as to how generous your customers can be.

Charity of the Year

Choose us as your Charity of the Year, and we’ll help you to create a tailored plan of fundraising, events and publicity. Supporting us for a whole year means that you, your staff and customers can really get to know Allsorts and see the difference you are making.

You can come along to a session, meet families and hear just how your fundraising efforts are changing lives for the better. We’ll also be able to support you further in getting positive publicity within the local media.

Matched Giving
Is one of your members of staff taking on a challenge of a lifetime? Support them by offering a matched giving donation to give their fundraising total a big boost.

  • “It was such a relief to take my son to fun activities and feel he could be accepted for who he was and get such a warm welcome and support.”

  • “I spend fun days cooking tasty treats and eating them, crazy art works I wouldn’t do at home. We go on exciting trips out but the bestest part is the staff who guarantee me lots of laughing!”

  • “Thank you so much for giving us the trampolining opportunity. My daughter hasn’t stopped talking about it all evening!”

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